Wednesday, April 18, 2012

THE END....Is Where We Begin

The Masquerade is Concluded. Toronto, Ontario Rockers Thousand Foot Krutch finally concluded their immensely popular "Masquerade" series, which spanned three albums and a DVD. After such a successful release, the question is usually posed, "What's Next?. Welcome to the Masquerade begs the question, since it obviously a career defining album. While not in the echelon of Evanescence Fallen, the result will be the same. Trevor McNevan and crew are now firmly etched on the Christian Rock Scene. It's sort of like Skillet after Invincible, when Korey joined and they went to Synth-Industrial and never looked back.

We finally have our answer. The End is Where We Begin comes out Today. It is straight up pure Rock and Roll goodness, with little embellishment. The first Single released was War of Change, and that was all most TFK fans needed. It hearkens back to the Rap-Core of Early Pillar, before they started Chasing Red. The title refers to the Crucifixion. The End (the Crucifixion) is where We (The Church) begin. It has a double meaning, in that it marks the end of TFK's association with Tooth and Nail Records and the beginning of their journey as an independent entity. I hope the separation was amicable. I just can't help wonder if the refrain of "I don't think I need you anymore" on Fly on The Wall refers to Tooth and Nail.

Once the album kicks off with We Are, there are very few places to take a break, and the band kicks it up a notch from time, especially with Light Up The Sky, Let The Sparks Fly and Down. There are a few pauses, most notably Be Somebody, the acoustic All I Need To Know, and Fly on The Wall. Oh, for any astute readers, So Far Gone sounds like another song I've heard. I just don't know where. Skillet? If you know, give me a comment.

I am going to give The End is Where We Begin a near perfect 4.75 Emeralds. Part of me wants just a tad more hardness. That would be perfect. It is a great "Beginning", however. Click on the link to support the night beat when you buy from Amazon. Also, for this week, you can listen to the entire album on the New Release Tuesday homepage, no registration necessary. Until next time, I am Awaiting Your Reply.