Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Frozen Chosen: Inspired Folk Children

We have reached the half-way mark for the 2012 Platinum Vinyl Awards. When you start in October, this is six months in. This was a good quarter for Modern Worship, Alternative and Rock, not so good for Children's Music or Dance.

Children's Music

  • Yancy - Little Praise Party: Happy Day Every Day

Folk/Folk Rock Music

  • All Sons and Daughters - Season One
This one needs a brief explanation. If you know anything about the duo, you are already saying "what about Reason to Sing, Vol 2". Yes, I know. I dropped it from contention. Before you go about whining, let me explain. Since Brokenness Aside, Volume 1 and Reason to Sing Volume 2 are part of Season One (a Combined New Release), it makes little sense to have them both. The Full Release is therefore the only one being considered.

Inspirational Music

  • Calvin Jones and Teresa Scanlon - Dueling Pianos: White Water Chopped Sticks - City of Peace
  • Parachute Band: Matins Vespers
  • Phillips, Craig and Dean - Breathe In
  • Michael W. Smith - Decades of Worship
  • Various Artists - Seasons of Hope
  • Various Artists - Seasons of Joy
  • Various Artists - Seasons of Reflection
That gets things started. Please feel free to comment. Good choices, you think I missed one, or someone was snubbed. All comments are welcome. Until next time, I am Awaiting Your Reply.