Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Frozen Chosen: Alternative

We move from Gospel to Alternative. This always seems to be a well represented genre, though it also happens to have a lot of double category listings, since it is a subgenre of Rock.


  • Todd Agnew - How to be Loved
  • Anberlin - Dancing Between the Fibers of Time
  • Matt Brouwer - Til The Sunrise
  • Eisley - Deep Space
  • For King and Country - Crave
  • The Fray - Scars and Stories
  • Jeremy Horn - Sound of the Broken
  • Kiros - Lay Your Weapons Down
  • Sarah Macintosh - Current
  • Kevin Max - The Fiefdom of Angels, Side One
  • Pioneer - Pioneer
  • Ruth - Payola
  • Sidewalk Prophets - Live Like That
  • Sons - Keep Quiet
There were a lot of good entries this quarter, and Kevin Max was one that snuck by me until the very last minute. Good thing I didn't have this post out yet. I will have to update the rewind posts though.

Next tin the Frozen Chosen is Pop, another very well represented genre. Until Next time, I am Awaiting Your Reply.