Thursday, April 21, 2011

The 2010 Platinum Vinyl Awards: Best Dance Album

The awarding of the "Trophy" for the Inaugural Platinum Vinyl Awards Continues with the Album of The Year Awards. We move on to Dance (including Electronica and Techno). For the record (sorry!), this will be the posted award order.
  1. Children's Music
  2. Folk/Folk Rock
  3. Dance (incl. Electronica and Techno) 
  4. Gospel/R&B
  5. Alternative
  6. Modern Worship
  7. Pop
  8. Hip Hop/Rap
  9. Hard Rock
  10. Rock
Beginning with the Dance Genre, all of the categories reached the full Seven nominations. In Dance, the entries were:
  • Love Reality by Charmaine
  • Outta Space Love by Group1Crew
  • Favorites at Play by Joy Electric
  • Weakness Makes You Beautiful by Petree
  • Beautiful History by Plumb
  • NY2LA by Press Play
  • Life by Beckah Shae
For the winner, stay with me after the jump
Judging got tougher with this group, as there weren't any obvious mis-classifications that could be dropped. All the entries could be definitely classified as dance, even if some might be able to be classified in other categories as well. The first round of voting eliminated four nominees. The Cover Album by Joy Electric, The Best of Collection by Plumb, Press Play and Petree either weren't dance enough, or, in the final estimation, while good enough to be nominated, just weren't spectacular enough to win. A final round of judging would take place, with either Group1Crew, Beckah Shae, or Charmaine emerging victorious.

And The Winner of the Dance Album of the Year for the Inaugural Platinum Vinyl Award is:

Outta Space Love - Group1Crew 

While all the nominations were excellent, Outta Space Love represents the epitome of the Dance Genre. The Latest Release by Blanca Reyes Callahan, Manuel Reyes, and Pablo Villatoro screams dance floor, and has the beats and rhythm that will make even a Nazarene dance (and that's saying something). I reviewed the CD back in September, and you can read my impressions here. Three of the ten Album of the Year Awards have been handed out, and there is still the General Field to be announced, so stay with us as the First Ever Platinum Vinyl Awards are announced.