Saturday, April 16, 2011

Spring Beats: PVA 2011 2nd Qtr Nominees - Hard Rock

The Hard Rock sub-genre produced just a handful of eligible releases this quarter, but still it was enough to merit its own (albeit short) post. I think 5 is a good cutoff.

The Eligible PVA 2011 Best Hard Rock Album Eligible Releases for the Second Quarter are:
  • Celestial Completion by Becoming The Archetype
  • The Great Campaign of Sabotage by Overcome
  • Until We Have Faces by Red
  • The Covering by Stryper
  • We are the Ones by Wolves at the Gate 
I have posted the link to the full review in case of B.T.A. and Red. Much more to come, as well as the long awaited award post ceremonies for the 2010 Platinum Vinyl Awards.