Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dove Award Scorecard

SPOILER ALERT!! If you didn't keep up with the live online coverage of the 42nd Dove Awards last night, and would rather not know who won until you watch the tv coverage Sunday Night, read no further. Though I wont be covering all the awards, only those I decided to make predictions for, and those coincided with my own choices for the Platinum Vinyl Awards. So there is no recorded song or song of the year coverage here and no album of the year coverage for Inspirational, Southern Gospel, Bluegrass, Traditional Gospel, or Country. If you are brave enough to know who won, stay with me after the jump.
There, now that we're all up to speed, let's begin. We start with the Album of the Year awards.

Praise and Worship Album
  • Prediction: Jeremy Camp, We Cry Out: The Worship Project
  • Should Win: Hillsong Live, A Beautiful Exchange
  • Winner: Merideth Andrews, Whatever it Takes
Result: A Complete Whiff, Loss. Score: 0-1

Contemporary Gospel Album
  • Prediction: Israel Houghton, Love God. Love People
  • Should Win: Forever Jones, Get Ready
  • Spoiler: VaShawn Mitchell, Triumphant
  • Winner: Israel Houghton, Love God. Love People
Result: Home Run, Win. Score: 1-1

Pop/Contemporary Album
  • Prediction: Jars of Clay, Jars of Clay Presents The Shelter
  • Should Win: Jars of Clay, Jars of Clay Presents The Shelter
  • Spoiler: Casting Crowns, Until The Whole World Hears
  • Winner: Chris August, No Far Away
Result: A Complete Miss, Weakest entry won Score: 1-2

Rock/Contemporary Album
  • Prediction: Sanctus Real, Pieces of a Real Heart
  • Should Win: Third Day, Move
  • Winner: Toby Mac, Tonight
Result: I had Toby Mac as a long shot spoiler in my notes on this one, so we'll call it a tie.
Score: 1-2-1

Rock Album
  • Prediction: DecembeRadio, Live
  • Should Win: Disciple, Horseshoes and Handgrenades
  • Winner: Disciple, Horseshoes and Handgrenades
Result: If it's the prediction or should win, it goes as a win, otherwise it goes as a tie or loss 
Score: 2-2-1

Rap/Hip Hop Album
  • Prediction: Group 1 Crew, Outta Space Love
  • Should Win: Lecrae, Rehab
  • Winner: Group 1 Crew, Outta Space Love
Result: Nothing against G1C, but I think they're more dance than rap, and that is why I picked Lecrae as a should win.
Score: 3-2-1 Doing pretty well so far, on to the General Field

Male Vocalist
  • Prediction: Brandon Heath
  • Should Win: Chris Tomlin
  • Winner: Chris August
Result: No bones about it, it's a loss, and a surprise Score: 3-3-1

Female Vocalist
  • Prediction: Natalie Grant
  • Should Win: Audrey Assad
  • Could Win: Kerrie Roberts
  • Winner: Francesca Battistelli 
Result: On the surface, a loss. However, and I quote from my prediction post "The GMA's seem to love streaks, and Natalie Grant being the 4 time winner is proof of that. However, Love Revolution was okay at best. Assad put out a very superior debut, as did Roberts, but the two newcomers could cancel each other out. In that case, Battistelli could sneak up from behind and win the Dove." (TIE)

Score: 3-3-2

  • Prediction: Mercy Me
  • Should Win: Mercy Me
  • Could Win: Tenth Avenue North
  • Winner: Needtobreathe
Result: A loss, but couldn't care. As long as Ernie Haas or Gaither Vocal Band wasn't picked, I'm happy
Score: 3-4-2 

New Artist
  • Prediction: John Mark McMillan
  • Should Win: Forever Jones
  • Winner: Chris August
Result: A loss on the surface again. However I again quote from my prediction post: "No woman has won the award since 2002, and that would seem to knock Assad and Roberts from contention" It did, and on that basis I declare a (TIE)
Score: 3-4-3

  • Prediction: Ernie Haas and Signature Sound
  • Should Win: Toby Mac
  • Winner: Francesca Battistelli
Result: Under my own rules, A Big Loss, as both picks didn't make it. However, the picks which were made were made with this in mind: "Battistelli and Grant are 10,000:1 long-shots here, in the Dove's most "Chauvinistic" category. A woman hasn't won the award since Amy Grant in 1992!!?? You can't tell me no woman has put out a quality release in 17 Years! With that kind of thinking I'm going with Southern Gospel Haase this time around. Surprise Me, Show some initiative. I would not be unpleased with a Battistelli or Grant win here. (TIE) A big cheer to Francesca on the win. Let's hope there's not another 17 year drought.

Final Score: 3-4-4 (I'll take 2 pts for the win and 1 for each tie, nothing for the loss. That gives me 9 points out of 20 Points Possible: 45% (Not exactly nostradamas, but on pace with a coin flip)