Thursday, April 21, 2011

The 2010 Platinum Vinyl Awards: Best Modern Worship Album of the Year

We come now to the modern worship genre, or as some would call it Vertical Music. Some would say that it is not really a genre, but it has become one, and should be honored as such.

The final seven nominees in modern worship were
  • ALM: uk - Name Above All Names
  • Casting Crowns - Until The Whole World Hears: Live
  • City of Life - City of Life Worship
  • Delirious - Farewell Show: Live in London
  • Charlie Hall - The Rising
  • Hillsong Live - A Beautiful Exchange
  • Rend Collective Experiment - Organic Family Hymnal 
One might say, Worship is all about giving glory and honor to God, how can you use something as vain as "wow" to honor the best. Actually, that is the best way in this case, more than the other. Since the subject should all be the same, there could be no difference in content, so feel would have to be the judgment. Did you "feel" transported into the experience. In a word "Wow".

The first round produced some upsets, as always a favorite Delirious was among those who didn't make the cut. Even though the album was exquisite, the fact that the band was disbanded by the time of the awards was a major setback. Charlie Hall and Hillsong Live were the other two that failed to rise to the challenge.

A four-way second round between City of Life, Casting Crowns, Hillsong Live, and the Rend Collective Experiment proved tougher than ever to judge. In the end, while Casting Crowns put out their best effort to date, far exceeding, in my opinion the studio version, it wasn't enough, and Hillsong fell a victim to their own high standards and expectations.

And the Winner of Best Modern Worship Album of The Year is:

Rend Collective Experiment - Organic Family Hymnal 

The final voting was intense, and City of Life Church pulled out all the stops. A highly energetic album with a latin flair at times, and plenty of horns. Did I ever tell you I'm a sucker for horns, and strings? In the end it wasn't enough. The Worship group from Ireland, Rend Collective Experiment did worship with a sound quite unlike any other. Movements is their best, and I think there is even a Xylophone on that track, though it could just be bells. Regardless, that unique sound gave it an edge. Worship without sameness. A truly joyful noise.

Six genres have been awarded, four more remain, and the General Field will follow. Up Next is Pop at half past the hour, followed by Hip Hop, Hard Rock, and finally Rock. So keep it tuned here as coverage of the first annual Platinum Vinyl Awards continues, only on The Night Beat.