Thursday, April 21, 2011

The 2010 Platinum Vinyl Awards: Best Hip Hop or Rap Album of the Year

Coverage of the 2010 Platinum Vinyl Awards continues with Best Hip Hop or Rap Album of the Year. I have tried to arrange the awards in what I feel are in order of popularity. Hip Hop and Rap are tricky because their popularity puts them toward the top, though I don't think they are more popular than Rock. On the other hand, most modern rap and hip hop uses very heavy rock beats, so there is much mixing going on.

Once again, we begin with the final seven nominees:
  • Sho Baraka - Lions and Liars
  • Grits - Quarantine
  • JSon - City Lights
  • Lecrae - Rehab
  • Trip Lee - Between Two Worlds
  • Sean Slaughter - The Prototype
  • The Washington Projects - Light Up The Dark
The first round was very prolific, with Grits, JSon, Trip Lee and Sean Slaughter falling by the wayside. (I will refrain from a Drive-by reference here, these are Christians we are talking about) That left a three way showdown between Sho Baraka, Lecrae, and The Washington Projects.

And the winner of the 2010 PVA for Best Hip Hop or Rap Album of the Year

Lecrae - Rehab 
It quickly became a two man race as the Washington Projects were eliminated quickly. Your time will come. Both albums were very good, but Lions and Liars seemed to lag a bit in the middle, while Lecrae was strong top to bottom. While Rehab: The Overdose is released for the 2011 PVA's, Overdose is a completely different album, with only it's name linking it to this years entry. It is not simply a Deluxe Edition. It may be the popular pick, and as of the time I am writing this it could win the Dove Awards, as both he and Trip Lee are among the PVA nominees also up for a Dove. (Group 1 Crew is also up for this award, but they were classified by the PVA Committee as Dance, not Rap.) Even the Night Beat can be in the crowd sometimes. Congratulations again to Lecrae on his winning of the First Best Hip Hop and Rap Album of the Year Platinum Vinyl Award.

Only two Album of the Year awards are left to be awarded: Hard Rock at the top of the hour and Rock. You can continue the conversation on twitter using the hashtag #PVA. There is much still to be awarded as coverage of the Inaugural Platinum Vinyl Awards continues, only on The Night Beat.