Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Dove/Platinum Vinyl Award Comparison

With both the Dove and the Platinum Vinyl Awards now in the bag, I thought it appropriate to do a little comparison of how the two did. Were our tastes similar? Or are we on Mars and Venus, musically speaking.

We will start and finish with the Album of the Year awards. I can already hear the critics, "what, are you to chicken to compare yourselves in the General Field?" Actually, no. However, it turned out that there we actually are on different planets. Of the 5 Major Awards (Male & Female Vocalist, New Artist & Artist and Group) Two (Male Vocalist and Group) had no matching names, and the other three had only one match each, and since the match didn't win both categories, it seemed fruitless to do a comparison. But if you really must know, Kerrie Roberts was on both lists for Female Vocalist and New Artist, and Toby Mac for Artist of the Year. Kerrie Roberts, for the record, won no Doves, but won New Artist in the Platinum Vinyl Awards.

So without further ado, the head to head results.

Rap/Hip Hop Album
  • Dove Awards: Outta Space Love, Group 1 Crew, BEC Recordings
  • Platinum Vinyl Awards: Rehab, Lecrae, Reach Records 
  • Comment: Lecrae was nominated for a Dove, did not win. Group1Crew was nominated for the PVA in the Dance category, and won the category. The Dove's have no Dance category.
Rock Album
Rock/Contemporary Album
  • Dove Awards: Tonight, Toby Mac, ForeFront Records
  • Platinum Vinyl Awards: For Those Who Wait, Fireflight, Flicker Records
  • Comment: PVA Category was Rock. Fireflight not nominated for a Dove, Toby Mac Nominated for 3 PVA's
Pop/Contemporary Album
  • Dove Awards: No Far Away, Chris August, Fervent/Word
  • Platinum Vinyl Awards: Sing it Now, Poema, Tooth & Nail 
  • Comment: PVA Category was Pop. Poema not nominated for a Dove. Chris August not nominated for any PVA. 
Contemporary Gospel Album
  • Dove Awards: Love God, Love People, Israel Houghton, Integrity Music
  • Platinum Vinyl Award: Declare Your Name, Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir, Integrity Music
  • Comment: PVA Category was Gospel/R&B. BTC won a Dove for Choral Collection of the Year. Israel Houghton not nominated for a PVA. 
Praise and Worship Album
  • Dove Awards: As Long as it Takes, Merideth Andrews, Word
  • Platinum Vinyl Awards: Organic Family Hymnal, Rend Collective Experiment, Kingsway
  • Comment: PVA Category was Modern Worship. Rend Collective was not nominated for a Dove and Merideth Andrews was not nominated for a PVA 
And that concludes our Dove Coverage for this year. In the Album of the Year Awards, the Dove's also had the categories of Inspirational, Southern Gospel, Bluegrass, Country, and Traditional Gospel, of which no comparable category exists in the PVAs. On the other hand, Album of the Year Awards were handed out in the PVAs for the categories of Folk/Folk Rock, Dance/Electronica/Techno, Alternative, and Children's Music, for which no comparably category exists for the Dove Awards.