Friday, January 23, 2015

The Best of 2014: Widows and orphans

I'm calling this the widows and orphans post. Not in the writing style, but close. These are the entries that have only a single representative from their genre. This year those entries were from Jazz, Folk, Dance, Adult Contemporary, Pop, and Electronic. If they were all in one genre they would have tied with alternative for 6 entries.

They say when life hands you lemons, you make Lemonade+Charlie Peacock  makes a really cool glass of the stuff, as in cool jazz. This is, based on the samples I have listened to, a purely instrumental album. We may have enough for Jazz, but I am not sure we have enough instrumental albums to warrant that category this year. If we do it will definitely be among them.

Jazz was usually mixed in with Folk Music, as is reggae and a lot of "ethnic" music. Some pure folk came out this year via one of the Fallen, as in Jennifer Knapp. However, as much as I would have wanted it to be so, her album, Set me free [+digital booklet] while perfect, wasn't one of the best of 2014. A folk/worship album which tilted more toward folk was, however. +For the Fatherless  For the Fatherless . With songs such as unfailing father, not of the night, and what this love is for, it is really difficult to not get drawn in. We were.

If you are looking for a Dancing Queen, you really need look no further than +Beckah Shae . She is surely the hands down Champion . While others may dabble in Dance from time to time, she has consistently made the dance floor her home. Even when she does scripture snacks it's hard not to bust a move.

For the Electronic representative, you have to go across the pond, or the sound, as in +Salt Of The Sound . Actually the pond works as well, as these two Stockholm transplants are actually Brits by nature. They actually put out two album releases Journeys and Meditations, Vol. 1 . The Second, which is also instrumental, is the one which is a best of.

The Adult Contemporary representative on the list was +lindsaymccaul with One More Step [+digital booklet] . Actually it is the title cut that brought me to tears. Sheer emotional manipulation is what it is. And it works. Who says guys don't have feelings.

Though McCaul strays into pop here and there, the pop rep has been dancing queen from time to time lately. She's a real Plumb. The Deluxe Edition of Need You Now (Deluxe Edition) is one of the Best Albums of The Year. The only problem with this artist? I don't think I can hold my breath until March 31. That's when Exhale comes out.

That finishes the widows and orphans post, as well as our recap of the Best of 2014. We now return to our drive to five, as well as our regularly scheduled business. Until next time, I am Awaiting Your Reply.