Monday, January 5, 2015

On Gold Cards and Gold Records

Or why can't The Music Industry act like Starbucks? 

I bring up the question because of things that I've heard recently. Statements like "They haven't made good music since the 60's (hard to believe when the best decade in music was the 80's) or the fact that 2014 hadn't produced a platinum selling record.

Now I am not exactly worried about that last point, because I think the whole RIAA ratings system is silly, since there is no time limit. There are only sales limits, and they are as follows
  • Gold: 500,000 units
  • Platinum: 1,000,000 units
  • Double Platinum: 2,000,000 units
  • Diamond: 10,000,0000
Now since there is no time limit I am sure the original Gregorian chant album has long since hit Diamond Status, after all, 500 years sells a lot of copies (what, the RIAA didn't exist back then? my bad).

Now what has Starbucks have to do with all of this? I'm glad you asked. See, to get Gold Status at Starbucks you have to get 30 Stars in a 12 Month period. Irrespective of bonus star opportunities, you get 1 star per purchase, so 30 purchases a year, and if you don't do another 30 in that year it goes away. Now while I am not advocating taking away anyones Gold Record, I think it would be a good idea to put a time limit on earning one, say 5 years. After five years most people say "what, they're still around?" 

What do you think?