Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Drive To Five: Video Killed The Radio Star

So said the Buggles in 1979 as MTV went on the air. Though a bunch of good liberals, they can blame Al Gore for their demise, or at least their marginalization. You remember Al, the world is melting, Gore. Well before he made millions by lying to people. (Perhaps not, he is a Democrat), he invented the Internet. The Internet (specifically YouTube) was responsible for making MTV irrelevant. Welcome to the Real World. RIP MTV.

This little interlude means little, except to say that in 2012, aka #PlatVnyl3, the Platinum Vinyl Awards exploded once again to 47 categories with the addition of the Video Awards. Now that the Platinum Vinyl Awards had reached the "Terrible Two"s" (3rd Awards, 2nd year since its inception), growth was evident everywhere Comeback Artist of the year went from 1 to 2 to 3 in the third year. An abundance of entrants in every genre pushed the finals in several categories to 8 instead of 7 entrants, just to be fair. Some even went higher. The final breakdown:
  • Children's: 3
  • Folk: 4
  • AC/Insp: 8
  • Modern Worship: 8 
  • Gospel: 8 
  • Alternative: 8
  • Pop: 6
  • Dance-Synthpop: 4
  • Electronic-Industrial: 8
  • Rap: 8
  • Hard Rock: 7
  • Rock: 10
  • Album of The Year: 10
  • Live Album: 8
  • Compilation: 6
The low numbers for dance coincided with splitting the genre to spin off Industrial. Other that there would have been a combined total of 12 for that one.

Cracks started to show in this one man band in year 3. New Artist of the Year really exploded until it was discovered that a number of "new artists" were not new but I just hadn't heard of them (shocking, I know). The solution was to create a one-time "Undiscovered Gem Award". So far, so good.

The #PlatVnyl3 review is underway. I will return live after the storm. Until then, I am Awaiting Your Reply