Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Drive To Five: The Class of 2011

Maybe I just am getting better at picking winners and losers, but the Class of 2011 turned out a whole lot better than 2010. It was a very big class, 11 members strong, so not all of them could fit in New Artist of The Year. The nominees for that award were Jessa Anderson, Katelynne Cox, The City Harmonic, Dakota Green, Hyland, Icon For Hire. Also scattered among the awards were Jai, Worth Dying For, Swimming With Dolphins and Committed. Only Dakota Green has officially left the CCM industry, but it remains to be seen if he can be included in future awards. Jai and Katelynne Cox are the only CCM artists that have gone silent for now. So that's 8 of 11, or a 73% success rate. 2010 was 64% so it looks like I am getting better.

But of the 8 which remain, who can complain. The City Harmonic followed up their debut with I Have A Dream and then Heart, Dara found out she was still wanted, and Icon For Hire found out their name was pure platinum. A very strong year. Comebacks and Goodbyes are next.