Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Best of 2014: Gospel

We usually go from low to high during our quarterly wraps, but this time we are reversing that order. Tied* with Rap with three entries is Gospel. That asterisk is there for a purpose. One of the three entries is also on the rap wrap.

That double dipper is CaJo and Lust, Drugs & Gospel . As I said, he does all things well.

White Men Can't Jump, but it isn't true that they can't do Gospel. No, I don't mean Southern Gospel. I'm still not convinced that that qualifies as music. When I first heard some music by +Wess Morgan , I was sure he was black. He most definitely wasn't, and that was quite a surprise. He certainly is Livin' the high life.

Here at the Night Beat we reward groups that sound differently, to borrow an Apple phrase and use it for our own. Forever Jones made us take notice. This year has had us banging against the walls. +TheWallsGroupVEVO to be exact. I love it when a small group can have the vocals and harmonies of a full choir, and being "discovered" by Kirk Franklin. You know that man knows talent. This former DJ would definitely give this group some "love on the radio". You will not Fast Forward through any of these songs

Two albums were left off the list, both deserving of a mention here. First up is +Christon Gray and School of Roses , which is more on the R&B side, and then Anthony Evans with Real Life / Real Worship . Both were worthy, but you got to edit somewhere, even among perfect albums.

Two more posts remain. First up we go with Hard Rock and Metal, and then, our widows and orphans post (genres represented by a single entry). Until next time, I am Awaiting Your Reply.