Friday, January 30, 2015

The Drive To Five: The Class of 2012

We are back live here at the +The WENC Night Beat after the Storm of The Millennium, The Blizzard of 2015 or (gag) Blizzard Juno. No, No, I will not name a storm (Blizzard Joe Bob). You do that with Hurricanes because usually more than one will hit. Not so with Major Blizzards.

One thing the Class of 2012 had with Hurricane's and Blizzards. They are usually named after women. Don't ask me why, though that is changing. 2012 was the ladies year. Marlene Brehm, Rachel Chan, Moriah Peters, Holly Spears, and Lindsay McCaul dominated New Artist and were joined by tokens Jeremy Horn and Jordan Lara. Sorry guys, it wasn't your year. Three of the five are fairly active (Peters, McCaul and Holly Spears) and the rest are resting on their laurels. Hey, it has only been two years. I expect new works from all of them soon.

Of course there were other "new" artists, and I have already spoken of my creation of the Undiscovered Gem Awards. I am not really talking about that. Aaron Gillespie had his "debut" in 2012, yet it was a solo debut. Before that he was the drummer and clean vocalist for metal band Underoath, which broke up in 2011. Abel would have been an undiscovered gem, except that they took their award and broke up. A severe lack of Gratitude in CCM I tell ya.

When we return to our Drive to Five, we will touch on the Comebacks, one of which was very big, at least to me. Until then, I am Awaiting Your Reply.