Thursday, August 21, 2014

MVM Special Edition: #PlatVnyl4 - Dance/Synthpop Video of The Year

We have reached the fourth of eight Genre based Video Awards. Once we have awarded the Dance/Synthpop Video of The Year, this portion of #Platvnyl4 will be half over. For those who haven't been keeping pace with the awards so far, click on the highlighted genres to see the results for Adult Contemporary, Alternative, and Pop.

The five nominated videos came from all over the dance world, though one might have slipped in from hip hop. You just never know. Anyway, the five nominees are: Battery by +V ROSE ; Gold by +Britt NicoleGOLD ; I Don't Deserve You by +Paul van Dyk feat Plumb ; Solar System Remix by +Har Megiddo feat +Michael Ketterer ; and WHTVR by +Allistair Music .  You can check out the nominated videos and artists at the nomination page for the category.

Har Megiddo was really good, but the video was fairly old. While I really was rooting for Plumb, in the end the Hip Hop crossover won. The #PlatVnyl4 winner for Dance/Synthpop Video of The Year is Battery by V.Rose

Like I said, we have reached the halfway mark of the #PlatVnyl4 Video Awards. Next up is the electronic sibling of Synthpop, Electronic/Industrial Album of The Year. Until next time, I am Awaiting Your Reply.