Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Night Beat Rewind: July 2014

We have come into the Dog Days of Summer. Though of course this is, with a few days excepted, a year without a Summer. Not that I'm complaining. 

Also, while we are only five days into August, I have completed this edition of Rewind for July. Pretty Good. We shall see how long it takes to type. Perhaps I will wait on links. 

As is the recent pattern, we begin with a few Single releases, or what I tongue in cheek refer to as 

The Singles Scene

  • Lauren Daigle - How Can It Be 4.50 Emeralds
  • Disciple - Radical 5 Emeralds
  • Thousand Foot Krutch - Born This Way 4.75 Emeralds
While I love Trevor and TFK, Disciple just blew me away, so I had to give them the perfect score. Not so perfect are the first group of albums, they are they which are

Missing The Mark

  • '68 - In Humor and Sadness 3.75 Emeralds
  • Bizzle - Well Wishes 3.75 Emeralds
  • Carman - Beginnings 3.75 Emeralds
  • B. Cooper - While The City Sleeps 3.75 Emeralds
  • Hillary Jane - Stix and Stones 3.75 Emeralds
  • Hillsong Worship - No Other Name 3.75 Emeralds
  • JT - Moment of Silence 3.75 Emeralds
Now all of these just missed the opening bar of 4 Emeralds to get into the Platinum Vinyl Pool. No problem with the next group missing out. These are all

Pure Platinum

  • Anberlin - Lowborn 5 Emeralds
  • For The Fatherless - For The Fatherless 5 Emeralds
  • Gungor - I Am Mountain (Deluxe Edition) 5 Emeralds
  • Moriah Peters - Brave 5 Emeralds
It is sad to see Anberlin go, but what a way to go. Gungor has impressed those of us at night Beat HQ since they went New Age/Alternative, and For The Fatherless had a very strong debut. Next up are those releases which, while not Pure Platinum still made the pool. These are the 

Semi-Precious Metal

Before we begin with the regular list, Capitol Christian Music Group (Sparrow, Forefront) has joined its Parent in releasing the 20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection. This month's releases were Carman, Emery, Norma Jean and Starfield. Now with the exception of Carman, only Norma Jean (founded 1997) qualifies. The other two are 21st Century Masters. Nitpicking? Maybe? but that is my job. In order listed, my ratings were 4.25, 4.75, 4.50, and 4.75 Emeralds. Now to the rest of the list.
  • About a Mile - About A Mile 4.75 Emeralds
  • Aaron Bagwell - The Sound of Jesus 4.50 Emeralds
  • Bellarive - Before There Was 4.50 Emeralds
  • Cadence - Home 4.75 Emeralds
  • Colony House - When I Was Younger 4.75 Emeralds
  • Covenant Worship - Kingdom 4.50 Emeralds
  • Mr. Del - Hope Dealer 2 4.50 Emeralds
  • Bethany Devine - Daily Confessions 4.75 Emeralds
  • David Dunn - Crystal Clear 4.50 Emeralds
  • Forevermore - Telos 4.75 Emeralds
  • J-Giles Son - Employed by The King 4.75 Emeralds
  • Golden Youth - The Kingdom 4.75 Emeralds
  • Guardian - Almost Home 4.75 Emeralds
  • Gungor - I Am Mountain (Bonus Material) 4.75 Emeralds
  • Islander - Violence and Destruction 4.50 Emeralds
  • Canton Jones - God City USA 4.75 Emeralds
  • The Lasting Hope - Sunsets and Second Chances 4.50 Emeralds
  • MxPx - MxPx Acoustic Collection 4.75 Emeralds
  • Jonas Park and David Bollman - Forward 4.50 Emeralds
  • Phanatik - The Art of Battle Rap: Puns and Punchlines, Vol. 1 4.75 Emeralds
  • Red Coalescence - Killers 4.50 Emeralds
  • Kierra Sheard - Graceland 4.75 Emeralds
  • Summit FutureNow - The Now and the Not Yet 4.75 Emeralds
  • Various Artists - Pass The Mic: The Rise of Christian Hip Hop 4.50 Emeralds
  • War of Ages - Supreme Chaos 4.75 Emeralds
  • Ian Yates - DNA 4.75 Emeralds
That concludes July. Two more months left in this eligibility year. I have decided to forgo links at the moment. They will be added little by little. Keep checking back for updates. Until next time, I am Awaiting Your Reply.