Saturday, August 23, 2014

MVM Special Edition: #PlatVnyl4 - Rap Video of The Year

We are on the home stretch, so to speak, as we progress through the Video Awards Show for #PlatVnyl4. The Rap Videos are next. We had a good group of nominees this time around, including a rarity for Rap and Hip Hop, a cover/remix of sorts. And what a style of music to cover. Not exactly rap material. Remember, if you are just joining us, we have already awarded Adult Contemporary, Alternative, Pop, Dance,  and Electronic. On to the awards.

The nominees in #PlatVnyl4 for Hip Hop/Rap Video of The Year were: Goin Home by +WHOSOEVER SOUTH ; No Sex by Still Trill Christians ; Pharaoh feat Tragic Hero by +Dre Murray ; Skyfall feat +ESHONBURGUNDY by Rekonciled ; and Sunglasses  by Rod G Newman and Mr. Del. You can check out the announcement post here.

When the votes were counted everyone was cheering for Bond, James Bond. Sorry. While the movie left me unmoved, I just loved this cover of the Adele Theme by Rekonciled. Who knew James could Rap. So the Winner of the Hip Hop/Rap Video of The Year for #PlatVnyl4 was Skyfall.

The Rock genres are next to close it out. First up is Hard Rock and Metal. Until next time, I am Awaiting Your Reply.