Wednesday, August 20, 2014

MVM Special Edition: #PlatVnyl4 - Pop Video of The Year

Our third category in the #PlatVnyl4 Video Awards is that of Pop Video of The Year. The five nominated videos came from a wide swath of the Pop Genre. In fact, some might make a case that a few of the videos might not qualify as pop. You can catch our first two categories, which were Adult Contemporary and Alternative Video by clicking on the highlighted links.

The nominees, which you can watch at the nomination post, are: Beautiful Love by +ShineBrightBaby ; Love Walked In by +The Sonflowerz ; Loved by +JJHellermusic ; Still Into You by +Paramore ; and Wanted by +Dara Maclean .

Like Alternative, this category actually went into a second round of voting. The judging panel decided to go with the spirit of Pop Music, which is all about having fun. So the second round was between Shine Bright Baby and Paramore, and when it came down to the final vote it was all about which band had the most fun.

And the winner of Pop Video of The Year for #PlatVnyl4 is Still Into You by Paramore.

Three categories have been awarded, and there are 5 more to go. (There are actually a few more then that, but they will be pushed into the regular award show). Up next is the award for the first of the Electronic Categories, that of Dance/Synthpop Video of The Year. Until next time, I am Awaiting Your Reply.