Tuesday, August 26, 2014

MVM Special Edition: #Platvnyl4 -Rock Video of The Year

The End is Here. The end of #PlatVnyl4 Video Awards, at least the genre based videos. We still have a few more general field video awards, including video of the year, but those will be revealed later.

The last award to be handed out right now is Rock Video of The Year. You can check out the videos in the original nomination post. You can check out the posted results for Adult Contemporary, Alternative, Pop, Dance, Electronic, Hip Hop, and Hard Rock by clicking on the appropriate links.

The nominated videos were: All In (Apologize) by +Stellar Kart ; Just Say Jesus (#Save Saeed) by +7eventhTimeDownVEVO ; Made to Glow by +ShineBrightBaby ; Not Gonna Die by +skilletband ; and Remember Me by +Red Jumpsuit Apparatus .

And the winner of the #PlatVnyl4 Rock Video of The Year is Not Gonna Die.

That concludes the Genre Video of The Year segment of this years Platinum Vinyl Awards. Until next time, I am Awaiting Your Reply.