Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Spring Songs: The 2013 Third Quarter -Rock

This is it, the final post of the 2013 3rd Quarter Pool eligible Entries. We are all caught up and it's new stuff until the end of September. Then we begin with judging and voting on these entries while the pool fills for the 5th Platinum Vinyl Awards.

It is fitting that we end with Rock. It is the glory genre. Everyone wants to be a Rock Star. Face it, they make energy drinks called rock star, not country star. And what a way to end, this was a packed quarter. Check it out.

Rock Music

  • Audio Adrenaline - Big House to Ocean Floor
  • John Elefante - On My Way to the Sun
  • Remedy Drive - Resuscitate Acoustic Sessions
  • Silverline - Lights Out
  • Skillet - Rise
  • Sweet Comfort Band - The Waiting is Over
Skillet would be the Veterans of this half dozen, except that a few true veterans are here. John Elefante is a rock music veteran, having got his start with GRAC supergroup Kansas, and then AD and now a solo act. And then there's Sweet Comfort Band. Twenty nine years since their last release and they haven't missed a beat. I guess you can go home again. Plus Skillet and Elefante were perfect 5's and have immediate entry into the finals. This should be an interesting year.

Don't forget to enter the Great WENC Night Beat Third Birthday Giveaway. It's on until the end of the month, and Skillet is one of the prizes. As I said, when four times five equals three. Don't let your head explode making the math work. Until next time, I am Awaiting Your Reply.