Friday, March 16, 2012

Flashback Friday: A Glass Of Sweet Comfort

Sweet Comfort Band that is. Despite the adult beverage sounding name, which was shortened to SCB, they were actually a Jesus Music Era Christian Rock Band with tinges of R&B at the first. That's not to say they didn't play up the name. Again, we refer to the classic skit at the end of Servant's Jungle Music.

S: Steady on. Steady on old boy. What you need is a glass of sweet comfort
L: Blast you Stanley, why I drink it all the time. Hold On Tight, you get the glasses and I'll be breakin the Ice.
Never mind two-fers. This was a three-fer. Referenced in this short two lines were the bands first three albums: Sweet Comfort (1977), Breakin The Ice (1979) and Hold On Tight (1980). The band would release three additional albums: Hearts of Fire (1980), Cutting Edge (1981) and Perfect Timing (1982). A note on the last two albums. As I would listen to them I would note that as each album flowed, the songs seemed to be arranged on a theme, and flowed in a linear fashion. Even more so, though the albums were released a year apart, it was obvious that each one fit with the other, like part 1 and 2. For a time I had even toyed with the idea of turning the two albums into a musical. I'm sure prof Rhonda Winderl at ENC would have loved it.

The final lineup was Bryan Duncan on Keyboard and Lead Vocal, Kevin Thomson on Bass Guitar, his brother Rick Thomson on Drums and Vocals, and Randy Thomas on Guitar and Vocals. The band is rumored to be coming out with a new album with a new Bass Guitarist (Kevin Thomson passed away in 2010). After the band broke up Bryan Duncan went on to have a successful solo career and Randy Thomas went on to found the Band Allies.

I will Leave You with The Audio for Prodigal's Regret from Perfect Timing. Until Next time, I am Awaiting Your Reply