Monday, March 5, 2012

Music Video Monday: The City Harmonic

We at The Night Beat are always in favor of artists who break out of the mold. And usually, the moldiest (sorry, bad pun) place around is the Christian Music industry. Once a "sound" is defined, everybody gets squeezed into copying it. Though I am not a personal fan of Sandi Patty's music, you can't ignore the voice she has, and also know how many people without her vocal training always think they too can reach those operatic highs, but no, they can't.

Breaking the mold in the Modern Worship/Rock/Alternative genre (I know, that's a lot of slash) is the new band The City Harmonic. Toward the end of 2010 they came out with an EP "Introducing The City Harmonic" with the radio single Manifesto. It's a far cry from the Hillsong Clones and is loosely worked around The Lord's Prayer. The Music Video has already over a million views. Here's to pushing it to two million.

As a City Harmonic bonus, here's the video to the title cut off their new album I have a Dream [It feels like home].

Like the Gospel genre, there just aren't many MW "Official Music Videos". The City Harmonic barely fits the MW mold, but Alt is just so crowded as well. Introducing The City Harmonic made the final 7 in Modern Worship and I Have a Dream is poised to do well next year. I see great things ahead for this group. Next Monday we move on to Pop. Until next time, I am Awaiting Your Reply.