Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Night Beat April Preview: Demon Hunter

There are certain bands that just nailed it when they picked their name. Petra comes to mind. I mean the name means Rock. Then there is Audio Adrenaline. Think it over, it means really really loud. You can't get more spot on than that. Another one is Demon Hunter, which has to be one of the coolest names in Christian Hard Rock. I dare you to say it in a normal voice. You can't do it, can you. The name demands a deep thrash growl. And it goes against all of traditional Christianity (which, despite the Bible, acts like "Eek, a devil, run away"). And that Logo, a goat/demon skull with a bullet hole in it. Gotta love these guys.

Demon Hunter is back with a new release entitled True Defiance. The album wont come out until April 10, but you can preview some of the music courtesy of Pre-release Official Music Videos. No this isn't Music Video Monday (it's Tuesday) but who cares? Up first is My Destiny.

The newest trend is Music Videos is the Lyric Video. If you remember old cartoons you may remember the follow the bouncing ball songs. This is the modern equivalent. For some of these bands it is most welcome. This is Dead Flowers, which I predict will be a Rock Song of the Year candidate next year, much as Red's faceless is this year.

If you love hard and yet melodic metal, I think you'll agree that Demon Hunter is a must have addition to your playlist, as well as a fun name to say. When purchase is available through Amazon I will have the link up. Until then, I am Awaiting Your Reply..