Friday, September 6, 2013

Spring Songs: The 2013 Third Quarter - Modern Worship

This is the big winner this quarter. Modern Worship had more eligible entries than any other genre with eleven. Now before you run off to lead worship in a church I should reveal that Adult Contemporary, Alternative, and Rap had ten each. So, without further ado, the best in Modern Worship.

 Modern Worship

  • Charles Billingsley - Live in Concert
  • C3 (Christian City Church Oxford) - In Your Rhythm
  • Lights Align - Before/After
  • Tim Neufeld - Trees
  • Joshua Price - Nothing Without You
  • More Than Rubies - More Than Rubies
  • Martin Smith - God's Great Dance Floor, Step 1
  • Vineyard UK Worship - Come, Now is the Time: The Platinum Collection
  • Vineyard UK Worship - Piano Classics
  • Ben Walther - Make Your Home in Me
  • Carlos Whittaker - Fight
Some of these entries were really difficult to track down, but track them down we did. Vineyard UK struck a rare double entry in one quarter. The albums are completely different in nature from each other and stand on their own. And it's good to hear from former Delirious front man Martin Smith once again.