Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Nothing But The Blood

Who knew you could go from Genesis to Revelation in 45 minutes? I surely didn't. I mean, even John MacArthur's "Jet Tour Through The Book of Revelation" took an hour.

The miracle of speed preaching has been accomplished, not by a pastor or evangelist, but by a Folk Singer by the name of +Caroline Cobb Smith . It's an ambitious undertaking. Born from a self imposed goal to write a song from each book of the Bible by her 30th Birthday, which was 11/11/11. With the help of +Kickstarter she took the best of the songs and created a masterpiece entitled The Blood + the Breath: Songs That Tell the Story of Redemption.

The album is a little bit of everything, style-wise, but because of its simple sound overall, I am going with Folk for the genre. Songs like Dry bones could be a Jazz/Torch Song sound, and All The Stars is pure pop. From Him To Him and Glory Power Honor Forever are in a Modern Worship theme. You get the idea. Whatever you like short of Rock and Roll you are sure to find it on this album. Plus, rather then sounding disjointed, the theme holds everything together.

I give this album a Perfect 5 Emerald Rating. Now that only guarantees it a spot in the Folk Music Final voting, but it still has to beat The Civil Wars and other entrants. The Civil Wars self titled sophomore release, by the way, is also a perfect 5. A battle royal in Folk Music. You always thought they were so peaceful. Enjoy the album below. Enter The Giveaway to Win The Civil Wars or Three other five emerald albums. And, as I say as I close each post, I am Awaiting Your Reply.