Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Chicks, Chicken, Pickin and grinnin

Sometimes I am amazed by the low attendance at some Christian Concerts. I mean, what do you have to do to get the seats filled? Small Intimate venue with table seating? Check. Free Food? Check. College Credit? Check. Great Music? Check.

Did I mention the concert was FREE! Oh, and the band happens to be fronted by two beautiful girls with great legs (Yes, totally chauvinistic remark from a Guy, deal with it). Check out the picture and tell me I'm wrong. 
Phoebe (l) and Callie (r) Cryar of the Vespers

The Band in question is The Vespers. A Folk Rock band out of Nashville, Tennessee. If you've not heard of them before, don't feel bad. I "discovered" the band back last April with the release of The Fourth Wall . It was the first I heard of them, but in fact it was their Second Album. The debut was called Tell Your Mama, and was released back in 2010. They are a brother/sister act, so to speak. The Sisters, who do all the vocals, are Callie and Phoebe Cryar, aged 22 and 20 respectively. They are the Children of 80's CCM Rock Star Morgan Cryar. The brothers are Bruno and Taylor Jones, 21 and 23 respectively. They are a talented bunch.

  • Callie Cryar: Guitar, Ukelele, Banjo, Electric Bass
  • Phoebe Cryar: Banjo, Guitar, some ukulele, occasional mandolin and accordion
  • Bruno Jones: Guitars and other stringed instruments (mostly upright bass)
  • Taylor Jones: Drums and Mandolin
The Davis Auditorium at Nichols College was set up with tables seating 7. There were maybe 9 of them. I think there may have only been about 20 or so actually there. The concert began with the band's only cover tune, Grinnin In Your Face by Son House. That really set the tone for a high energy banjo picking night, made for dancing (the only invitation was ignored.

The Short concert (about an hour give or take) consisted mostly of songs from The Fourth Wall (in addition to Grinnin', Better Now, Flower Flower, Got No Friends and Will You Love Me were featured). Two new songs from an upcoming third album were played plus Tell your Mama and Pick a fight from the debut. The concert closed with Close My Eyes, one of their hardest songs ever. I'll close with it too. Rarely does a concert come close to some of the energy on an album due to Murphy's Law. This time Murphy was nowhere to be found. Until next time, Tell Your Mama, or anyone else you know, that I am Awaiting Your Reply.