Saturday, September 14, 2013

Spring Songs: The 2013 Third Quarter - Rap

On to Rap and Hip Hop. A very well represented genre this quarter with ten entries. A nice mix of newcomers and veterans too. I wont spend too much time with introductions, so on to the entries.

Hip Hop & Rap

  • Shai Linne - Lyrical Theology, Part 1: Theology
  • Heath McNease - The Weight of Glory: Second Edition
  • Andy Mineo - Heroes For Sale
  • Mr. Del - Faith Walka
  • JSon - Braille
  • R-Swift - Apply Pressure
  • Still Trill Christians - Kings
  • Tony Tillman - The Tillman EP
  • Whosoever South - Goin Home
  • Young Chozen - G.L.O.W.
Some may remember that I was less than impressed one time with Mr. McNease. That was a different album. I treat each release separately.These songs inspired by the works of C.S. Lewis worked wonderfully. Newcomer Whosoever South was the star of the quarter. They mix it up. Hip Hop, Rap, R&B. A totally fresh sound in the genre. And staple JSon scored a perfect album this time around. Rock and Metal await. And I am Awaiting Your Reply.