Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Spring Songs: The 2013 Third Quarter - Folk Children

Remember that running cartoon gag where someone opens a closet door, and immediately is inundated with just about all the junk in the entire universe? I've felt like I've been living that these past few months since I found all those entries from the first two quarters.

In any quarter there are a few under performing genres. This one is no different. Children's Music had a single entry, and Folk Music had four. Together they make my minimum bar of trying to have five entries in a post for a genre.

Children's Music

  • North Point Kids - Shine
Like I say for Country Music, the same applies here. If the album won't trigger a gag reflex with repeat listening by adults. (And if you have kids, there WILL be repeat listening) Then it makes my list. This entry from the kids division of North Point Church seems to meet the requirements for entry to the pool. On to Folk Music.

Folk/Folk Rock

  • Katie Ainge - Then Sings My Soul
  • All Sons and Daughters - Live
  • Caroline Cobb - The Blood + The Breath: Songs That Tell The Story of Redemption
  • Yancy - Roots for the Journey
The last two entries in the list made the coveted 5 Emerald Rating. Cobb has quite a voice, and the theme of moving through Genesis to Revelation in song in one album kept you hooked. Not much can be said about Yancy that hasn't already been said. She never does two albums with the same genre, but these two in the same year, and both Platinum Perfect. Quite a feat. That, or I'm getting to be a softy.

The Third Quarter announcements are begun. It's all single genre from here on in. Until next time, I am Awaiting Your Reply. And don't forget to enter the giveaway.