Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A Tale of Two Amy's or When Grant Met Lee

I am convinced that God has a sense of humor, the great majority of Christendom however otherwise convinced. For proof one need look no further than the Christian Music Industry. Fortunately for me, that is where I spend my career.

During the Jesus Music Era (the 1970's to the rest of humanity) a star arose on the landscape. While this teenage girl barely merited notice at seventeen when she debuted, two years later EVERYONE knew about Her Fathers eyes. Amy Grant was suddenly into Christian Music Deity (one thing Christians have down pat is Idolatry). She Was "OUR AMY", and pretty much was if you said Amy, your mind filled in Grant. Not that she didn't deserve some of that Idol Worship, 

Christian Music proceeded to settle into the Amy and Smitty Rut, where any release by Amy Grant or Michael W. Smith was deemed Award Worthy based on name recognition alone. While the 80's may have been the golden age for releases, in the award venues we were pretty much tin.

When God got tired of Amy this and Amy that, he decided that Christian Music needed a little rebellion, and He introduced the Christian Music World to an Arkansas girl by the name of AMY LEE. No Baby Baby for this girl. She looked like a Vampire and sang of death. Even In Death our love goes on were lyrics that got short lived Christian Magazine 7 Ball to say "somebody sign these guys". When Wind Up Records did release Fallen in 2003 by a band fronted by miss Lee, a revelation that these goth rockers were less than totally sanctified forced an instant purge from Christian Bookstores, and a guaranteed ride to 7x Platinum in the United States and 17 Million Sales Worldwide. Heart in Motion was waving a surrender flag. 

Things settled down for a while and then another Christian Singer Songwriter by the name of (no, not Amy, look at the title) Joy Williams, with 11 Dove Nominations under her belt, decided to form a Folk Band she called The Civil Wars. Barton Hollow received Christian Music Promotion, but with the Sophomore self titled effort, Crickets are all that was heard from the CCM industry at large. I guess they weren't Spiritual enough.

Amy Grant, Amy Lee, The Civil Wars. You can't make this stuff up. It's better than six degrees of Larry Norman. I guess this Christian Civil War wont be settled until the Rapture. Time for one more joke from The Almighty. The Rapture. A Sudden Vanishing Away of The Church. There's a word for that, it's called EVANESCENCE.

I am Awaiting Your Reply.