Saturday, June 21, 2014

#PlatVnyl4: The Nominees - Song of The Year, Part One

This is it, fans, the final #PlatVnyl4 post, at least as far as the nomination process goes. From now on it will be all #PlatVnyl5 material except for Flashback Friday, which I have resurrected. The final category is that of Song of The Year. I usually go for mega anthems in this category, but the big requirement is that it has to be a song that makes you go WOW!. All of them qualify in the second respect, but not all make the first. A bunch of non-anthems in the mix. I have also suspended a lot of judging for this category, so there are a dozen nominees. And the nominees are:

Bombs Away, +Jonathan Thulin (Feat. Charmaine)
Dust to Dust, +The Civil Wars 
Fire and Fury, +skilletband 
Hope Will Rise, +Warr Acres 
Love Restores, +ShineBrightBaby 
Need You Now (How Many Times), Plumb
Considering the number of nominees, I have made a decision to make this a two post segment in order to let people listen and judge. I am considering adding a survey portion to the awards this year and this is one of the categories I am thinking of. Stay tuned for part two. I am Awaiting Your Reply.