Thursday, June 19, 2014

#PlatVnyl4: The Nominees - Artist of The Year

Next up among our nomination announcements, of which the entire list is already up at the nomination page, is that of Artist of The Year. These are the artists or duos, not bands, which stood out above the rest. The seven nominees are:
  • +The Civil Wars Even though they have a band like name, the team of Joy Williams and John Paul White is merely a duo. With two nominated albums now under their belt, and a win for Barton Hollow, the hope is that this isn't a lifetime achievement nomination for a band that has passed on.
  • +Caroline Cobb Big gambles can lead to bigger rewards. The gamble: Writing a song for every book of the Bible. Though the project needed to be scaled down (a 66 song collection would be unfeasible) Caroline takes us on a 12 song through the Bible journey and uses pop, folk and a bit of country in an enjoyable mix.
  • +JJHellermusic If we can be accused of bias here at Night Beat HQ, JJ is one of the reasons. She is consistent in her excellence.
  • Json
  • +Charlie Peacock The Civil Wars producer took some time out to put out a Jazz work that just boggles the imagination. Going down to Mystic indeed.
  • Plumb
  • +Jonathan Thulin 
There are two more to announce. Album and Song of The Year. I am Awaiting Your Reply.