Tuesday, June 17, 2014

#PlatVnyl4: The Nominees - New Artist of The Year

I promised these posts and I am finally getting around to it. Things have been pretty interesting around here. You know, as in, "may you live in interesting times". I think that is a curse. We are going to do the big four, as far as I am considered. We begin with the nominees for New Artist of The Year. And the nominees are:

  • Julie Elias
  • +Everfound The Ordnorolov Brothers, though residing in Colorado, emigrated from Russia with their parents. Their nomination makes the farthest East the Night Beat family stretches.
  • +Farah Loux  These Kiwis (New Zealand) are the latest addition to The Commonwealth of CCM. There are barely any Flaws with their newest release, which in the tradition of fellow commonwealth member IONA, is filled with non-traditional rock instruments such as a harp.
  • +ShineBrightBaby The latest discovery by the Tooth and Nail empire, the Orville, OH band really knows how to jam, and songs like Love Endures and Made to Glow will not be forgotten very soon.
  • +Jenny Simmons The former Addison Road frontwoman makes a strong debut as a solo artist.
  • +We As Human Being discovered by John Cooper of Skillet is a strong point in this bands favor, and while they are not technically new (having formed in 2006 and released 2 EPs and 2 full length albums), their current eponymous release marks their Major Label Debut with Atlantic Records, all of the previous releases were Independent).
  • +WHOSOEVER SOUTH The most unique rap/hip hop band out there. They blend the hip hop with Bluegrass instead of the traditional dance. I don't believe that anyone will be attempting to imitate them anytime soon. They are truly in a class by themselves.
That concludes the nominees. Until next time, I am Awaiting Your Reply.