Thursday, October 10, 2013

Heat Advisory: The 2013 Fourth Quarter - Dancing Folk

The Fourth Quarter of 2013 is complete, at least as far as The Platinum Vinyl Awards are concerned. The beginning of October closes one year and begins another, and the turning of the leaves also turns a page for those wishing to nab an Elpy. Wait til next years awards.

We begin our recap with at least one genre which didn't have enough entries to make a single post. This quarter is no exception. While one genre, Children's Music, didn't have any entries this quarter, and only two entries all year, making it either a candidate for extinction this year or the subject of the first ever PVA coin flip, Dance and Folk Music had only a handful of entries.

We begin with Folk and Folk Rock, which has, among its 3 entries this month, two Perfect 5's. The list:

Folk/Folk Rock

The Civil Wars is definitely the front runner, Haun could surprise, because Jazz in CCM is rare, and got classified as folk. Who knows. 

As you know by now, Dance got split into two last year, and this year may get split into three, due to the abundance of remix albums.



The Digital Age is made of members of the former David Crowder Band and is doing worship with an electronic trance twist. Hardie Avenue has a few releases under its belt already, but is among the bands new to The Night Beat.

We're off and running as we wrap up the Fourth Quarter. Stick with me. Until next time, I am Awaiting Your Reply.