Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Heat Advisory: The 2013 Fourth Quarter - Modern Worship

This was "The Big One" this quarter, with 16 entries. Because of that I don't usually put up links because the formatting puts a lot of white squares which look ugly when it posts. Without further ado:

Modern Worship

  • Audrey Assad - Fortunate Fall
  • Bethel Music - Tides
  • Bridgecity - Bridgecity
  • Seth Condrey - Keeps on Changing
  • Cornerstone Sanctuary Choir - Glorify
  • Keith and Kristyn Getty - Live at the Gospel Coalition
  • Matt Gilman - Awaken Love
  • Hillsong Live - Glorious Ruins
  • Jimmy Needham - The Hymn Sessions, Volume 1
  • The Neverclaim - The Neverclaim
  • New Life Worship - Strong God
  • One: A Worship Collective - We Believe: Live
  • Dustin Smith - Rushing Waters
  • Skyler & Kim Walker Smith - Home
  • Kathy Troccoli - Worshipsongs: Tis So Sweet
  • Phil Wickham - The Ascension 
Yes, Audrey Assad was just listed as Adult Contemporary/Inspirational. It's a toss up if the album is AC or Modern Worship, so I gave it to both pools. I'm generous that way.

One further item of note. Sometimes between multiple labels or digital and hard copy, certain releases get listed twice. Rest assired it will only have one listing if it gets to the finals. Until next time, I am Awaiting Your Reply.