Friday, October 25, 2013

MVM Weekend Edition: Drifting

Welcome to the inaugural edition of Music Video Friday. Seeing that there isn't much material for a Flashback Friday, it's a day just like any other. Since I have an abundance of Music Videos to share, I thought it would be best if I added another day to the video rotation. This way I can get you into and out of the weekend with some great videos.

We begin with the newly reconstituted Audio Adrenaline. Mark Stuart is long gone, and fans of the original were skeptical to say the least when we heard that the band was reforming with Kevin Max in the lead. Audio A was a rock band, and Kevin didn't have a rock voice. He was into shimmering ballads. Lucky for us the band recognized it as well, so they retooled themselves as alternative to meet the challenge, and the result, Pure Platinum. This is Believer Next up we have something different. Instead of a Music Video, Jonathan Thulin (pronounced Too-lean) is the alternative half of the Thulin brothers (David is Electronic Dance Music). When it comes to Music Video's however, Jonathan's last name might as well be DeMille. These are cinematic masterpieces. Oh, as they say Bombs Away. Our third band is Hearts of Saints. Their latest release is For All of Us. Alt worship at its best. This is Merciful God Our last entrant isn't new, but definitely new to Alternative. From her pop rock beginnings to the queen of the dance floor (either a mortal or a venial sin depending on the denomination), her latest album Need You Now is making heat in the Alternative market. This is Drifting That does it for the inaugural edition of Music Video Friday. Monday we return to our original rotation with More Audio Adrenaline, as well as Gungor and others. Until next time. I am Awaiting Your Reply.