Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Heat Advisory: The 2013 Fourth Quarter - Rock

We have come to the end. The Final Category in the 4th Quarter Platinum Vinyl Award Pool is that of Rock, by far the glory genre. It was kind of a quiet quarter for rock, with only six entries. This category has a lot of work to it, so 6 is pretty atypical. Still, there was plenty of heat this time around.

Rock Music

It's kind of fitting that we wrap things up in October. Decyfer Down rocked down the house with Scarecrow (kind of fitting for the Halloween season) and even took on one of the scariest things out there the Westboro Baptist Church. Everfound is a new band which expands the Commonwealth of CCM to Russia. And though it left you wanting more, how many groups around today will ever be able to boast 40 years of success.

That finishes the 4th Quarter of 2013. The pool is now closed. The 5th Platinum Vinyl Awards Year begins. Until next time I am Awaiting Your Reply.