Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Platinum Collection: The Top Six

In our last post we announced the bottom half of The Platinum Dozen, the twelve best albums of the year 2012, as determined by us here at The Night Beat. We Continue now with the Top 6.

6. Blessed By A Broken Heart, Feel The Power (January 24, 2012)

I LOVE 80's Music. Probably since that was my formative decade. CCM Came into the rock era in the 80's and so did Heavy Metal, with bands such as Bloodgood and Stryper. Since then the metal world has gone screamo/thrash with those growls that always make me think "that's got to hurt". This band from Montreal has it all. Stryper like harmonies, awesome guitar shreds, and great songs. As they say on their album, "Bang Your Head, Shut Up and Rock." What a way to kick off the new year, as this was the first Perfect album of the year, coming out on January 24. Read my original post at the link. They can even do a good Metal Love song in Forever.

5. Shiny Toy Guns, III (October 22, 2012)

From Metal to Techno. Before they were in the mainstream, the duo of Chad Petree and Jeremy Dawson were well known among the Christian Fringe as Cloud 2 Ground, and though the music may have less of an obvious Christian tint, Shiny Toy Guns still has enough of C2G to please. I gave the album a Perfect 5 in my Original Post. Of course with their music videos, what is it with Carah Faye having to run everywhere. Somebody get this gorgeous blond a sports car. Another one which should clean up at next years Platinum Vinyl Awards. There is nowhere to hide from Shiny Toy Guns.

4. Project 86, Wait for the Siren (August 21, 2012)

The Hard Rockers from San Diego (no, not P.O.D.), these are the other ones strike Platinum once again. Strings, Screams, arrangements. From the opening notes of Fall Goliath Fall with its Celtic intro to the title cut which ends it, this is a Hard Rock album worth every penny. Defector is about the only place to take a breather. The title cut, placed at the end with Celtic Pipes worthy of Iona, pure genius. Definitely a Siren Song worth listening to.

3. Sarah Macintosh, Current (March 6, 2012)

The former lead singer of Chasing Furies returns with her first album in four long years and does not disappoint. Her vocals are unique in the music world, and they are expertly used in this album. About the time the album was released a series of Music Videos taken in the Recording Studio were released on Youtube. The raw energy of these recordings is breathtaking. Personally, the best of these is Damaged.

T1. Lara Landon, Overcome (May 1, 2012) and Gungor, A Creation Liturgy (October 9, 2012)

Falling for an artist was never easier. Lara is without argument the best singer in Christian Music today, and probably the only Torch Singer in the industry. Yes, I'm a guy, but there is no way to describe her voice except seductive. And her Arabic heritage allows her to pull off the middle eastern Look East without a hitch. She can even do country in Leah, and I love it. That says a lot. Get caught in the River.

There was never a doubt about number one from the moment this album was released until the PVA Year ended, and Gungor came out with their live album for the Ghosts upon the earth tour. I didn't like the studio album much, felt it lacked pop, so I was skeptical about the live album, which is usually less energetic for some reason. Not so here. If they could have captured this magic in the studio, but they didn't.

That's it folks, the Top 12 Albums for the Calendar Year 2012. I will soon come out with my PVA Top list, which goes from October 1, 2011 - September 30, 2012, and a few others will be on this list. Until then, A Merry Christmas to all from all of us here at The Night Beat.