Friday, December 7, 2012

Flashback Friday: God

Nobody could scream God's name better than Rebecca Jean Smallbone. No, that's not what I'm talking about. Get your head out of the gutter, this is a Christian Music blog after all. Not familiar with the name? You should, but perhaps you know her better by her stage name, Rebecca St. James. So far she's sticking with that name, which is a lot better than her married name, but more on that later.

Rebecca St. James is probably one of the most loved artists in the pop/rock arena of CCM. Hailing from the land Down Under, she is connected to the Jesus Music Era of CCM through her father, David Smallbone. It seems that in 1977, right around the time RSJ was born, Larry Norman released a self titled album that was on Rhema Records in Australia. Rhema was owned by David Smallbone, hence the connection.

God (1996) was RSJ's entrance into the upper echelon of CCM. Far from being a sophomore slump, it propelled her to Superstardom (and the ability for everyone to know you just by your initials). Just listen for yourself.

Pray (1998) followed, but I was really impressed when Transform (2000) came out. At this time she "transformed" her style to techno, and while she wasn't able to land the title of Christian Dance Queen (that Tiara is worn jointly by Plumb and Beckah Shae), it was a heroic effort. It was also pretty much of a swan song, musically. From this point on she only released one more album (2005 If I Had One Chance to Tell You Something) that would be pop-rock. She has pretty much turned to Modern Worship.

Well that and acting. Rebecca has become quite an accomplished actress in the Christian Movie Industry, nine films and counting. Her film career began with Left Behind in 2000 and recently included Suing The Devil.

Though about a decade or so separates us in age, and therefore I always considered her more of a little sister, it was with regret when I found out she was off the market (got married, for those not into the lingo). I know that you can't pick who you fall in love with, but Jacob Fink. I mean, really Rebecca. All I can say is don't give up your stage name. Nobody wants to refer to you as Rebecca Fink.

That concludes this edition of Flashback Friday. We continue with the Christmas Parade Tomorrow. Until then, I am Awaiting Your Reply.