Monday, December 10, 2012

Music Video Monday: Ariel in Wonderland

No, this isn't the title of a Tim Burton Disney Mashup, or worse. A few videos have recently come down the Night Beat Pike, allowing me, briefly, a respite in the Christmas Parade. I do appreciate that. Despite the fact that it is much easier, It is a challenge nonetheless.

One of my favorite bands these days is the Annie Moses Band. Who would have thought that piano, violin, cello and harp would grab the interest of a headbanger like me. They do. It is just the way my complicated mind works. This is the music video for Blush, from Pilgrims and Prodigals.

Just one comment on the video. I understand it completely, though I would rather be a sheriff like Wyatt Earp or Marshall Dillon than an Knight. Gallantry, though, I understand. Like I said, it's how my complicated mind works.

Speaking of a complicated mind, or maybe I should say Demented. Hence the Tim Burton reference. Ariel is the lead singer of Icon for Hire. They recently made a music video for their single, "Off With Her Head", which the Queen of Hearts says quite frequently in Alice in Wonderland. Watch the video and find out why I thought of this.

Such a beautiful girl, and such a demented mind. If not her, then at least the one responsible for the video. I hope you enjoyed this brief respite. Until tomorrow, I am Awaiting Your Reply.

P.S. - Commentary is part of the job here at The Night Beat, and I couldn't let this pass. Though I don't know a word of Spanish, my cheapskateness in refusing to shell out 40 bucks for cable means that my DTV is limited to Univision, the only over the air signal it regularly picks up. So when my twitter trends said that Jenni Rivera's plane was missing and presumed crashed, I admit I knew exactly who they were talking about. She was only 43, and that is too young for anyone to die, whatever the reason. We at the Night Beat give our condolences to all.