Friday, December 21, 2012

The Platinum Collection: The Best Albums of 2012

Around this time of year things very predictably slow down in the music world. That makes it fairly easy to put out a best of list by late November. You still have to be careful. Last year a number of Best Album lists were out in the CCM world and then Chevelle came out with Hat's off to the bull. Chevelle, like Evanescence, started out in the Christian Market, but, unlike the latter, has managed to stay on good terms with the industry. Still, it missed the Top album lists due to its release date. Not here, but we at The Night Beat work on a flexible deadline.

There don't appear to be any releases on the horizon, so we begin The WENC Night Beat Best Albums of 2012, or what I shall term.

The Platinum Dozen

I thought about doing a quick list, but then thought better of it. 12 Albums makes quite a long post. So we begin with the bottom 6.

12. Thousand Foot Krutch, Metamorphosiz: The End Remixes, Vol. 1 (December 4, 2012)

Yes, it's a remix album, and not a true album. Still, any band who hands the remix hands off to Andy Hunter knows what they're doing. Techno-Rock at its best. Two Hunter remixes. The only thing wrong with this album. Only five cuts and just over twenty minutes. It should be much longer. This EP should make a big run in the 2013 PVA Awards. (Since it came out after September 30, 2012 It will not make the current awards).

11. Poema, Remembering You (September 11, 2012)

I don't know if the title was inadvertent, considering the release date. Either way, these sisters hit it out of the park in their debut full length release. The Puckett girls are my favorite members of that family since Kirby. Gorgeous, both physically and in voice, though, alas, way too young for me. This is pop the way it's supposed to be. Uplifting and devoid of syrup. A top runner for this years Pop award.

10. Abel, Make It Right (September 18, 2012)

Another album that made a late rush into the list. I had never heard of this band until I saw it on AOL Music and gave it a listen. Fire Walk With Me had me hooked, but so much more. I can see that this band could attain Anberlin like success.

9. Anberlin, Vital (October 16, 2012)

From the student to the teacher. Just missing the cutoff date for this years PVA, otherwise it would have been a shoo-in for Alternative Album of the Year. Actually it's just as well that it missed the calendar cut-off. Stephen Christian already has his side project Anchor and Braille in the PVA running, and it wouldn't be fair for him to dominate. Yeah, Right.

8. Demon Hunter, True Defiance

Hard Rock done right. Demon Hunter has been a favorite of mine for a long time, and not just because they have the coolest logo and name in Christian Rock. (Anytime you get accused of being a bunch of satanists (the logo) you know you're probably on the right track, at least if you want mainstream acceptance. True Defiance is probably Demon Hunters heaviest in a while, though they can still do awesome Red like vocals. This album doesn't really let up from beginning to end.

7. David Crowder Band, Give Us Rest

If you're going to go out, go out with a bang. Give us Rest (only a few words of the longest title in Christian Music History [Challenge me at your peril]. When I heard that these guys were breaking up, I thought, sure, just when I get hooked. Two discs, thirty four tracks, almost two hours of the best alt-worship out there. I kind of hoped that they would have stuck around to be the Delirious of this generation, but I guess we shall have to hope for a reunion of Delirious.

That gets us through the bottom 6, so to speak. Best of lists always  stir up feelings, so feel free to comment if you think I've snubbed your favorite. Until we do the next 6, I am Awaiting Your Reply.