Thursday, August 23, 2012

Siren Song

There are some bands that just know how to make a good album. Skillet happens to be one of the bands that I would put on the list. At least with their current string of six albums, which just so happens to coincide with Korey Cooper taking over running the band (If you see them in concert, you can see that just about everything runs like clockwork off her MacBook Pro). While some critics criticize them for a certain sameness to their albums, the truth is they have found their zone and they are happy. As long as they remain in that zone, the band can survive just about any change and put out a great album.

Another group that has found its niche is Orange County, California Based (no, not that one) Project 86. A long time member of the Tooth and Nail family, the band is now independent. I came into this bands orbit pretty late, really only with Rival Factions (2007). Really. Evil: A Chorus of Resistance had me hooked. And the cover. You needed either a red or blue filter to make everything out. It was very different.

Every group that's been around a while will put out at least one best of album, and 2010 was Project 86's year, but they took a different spin on the typical best of album by doing both a Best Of and a Live Album in one CD, and the result was the Platinum Vinyl Award Winning Best Live Album 15. Live. (2010). If you have never listened to Project 86 or if you are already a fan, this is a must have album. You can catch my quick review of the album by clicking on the link.

Now comes Wait for the Siren, and though I'm not sure if this refers to the mythical songstresses or the wailing siren of emergency vehicles. Either way, this album is a resounding advertisement of what can come of Kickstarter campaigns. This is a tight album, and one I've had on repeat all this week. Once, Fall, Goliath, Fall starts, there is no rest. This is one of my perfect picks for a long overnight road trip. You will not fall asleep.

The album has it all: Growls, String like arrangements, celtic pipes (yes, Celtic Pipes. Think Iona Metal. It works.) This Album draws you in. And you wont have any trouble listening to the lyrics either. They are clear as crystal. Curse You P86 for making it impossible to pick a favorite song. I just want them all. And the hypnotic drums. But of course stuff like Ghosts of Easter Rising and the Title Cut with those pipes. No argument. This is a 5 Emerald Perfect Album. Don't wait for the Siren, buy now. Until next time. I am Awaiting Your Reply.