Thursday, August 30, 2012

The People's Choice

Labor Day is almost here, and that means that Summer is Unofficially Over. While the season won't change until  later in September, Fall is just around the corner.

Next Friday will mark the return of Flashback Friday, and our first post will be on the Metal band Bride. The week after that will be death metal band Saint, and then I have chosen to switch things up a bit.

I have run out of ideas for the column, at least in its present Chronological Order. I have come up with a solution, and that is to organize things thematically rather than chronologically. I have come up with ideas in three themed categories:
  1. The Commonwealth of CCM - I have a number of entries from the British Commonwealth (UK, Australia and New Zealand) Right now there are seven of them.
  2. The Industrial Revolution - These are Industrial, Techno Synthpop Bands, Right now I have six of them on tap.
  3. A Real Alternative - Alternative Bands. Right now there are 9 potential bands that can make a list here.
This is where I want you to come in. My question to you. Would you like me to go through each category one by one or would you like me to alternate one category each week. Let me know in the comments. Until next time, I am Awaiting Your Reply