Monday, September 3, 2012

Music Video Monday: Bema Seat

Hope everybody is enjoying their Labor Day Holiday. There is no rest here at The Night Beat (actually, there is, due to the miracle of automatic scheduling). So even though there is nobody here in the offices of the WENC Night Beat, our regularly scheduled Music Video Monday will go out. Something like the Pony Express (you know, neither rain, nor snow...).

If you have been with the last few weeks, you know that an abundance of entries in the Hard Rock and Rock Genre have forced us to have two posts for each of those genres. This marks the second week of Rock, and the end, finally of the 3rd Quarter. We can now begin the 4th Quarter on September 10 and get some in before the 4th Quarter ends on September 30). Last week we had videos by Big Daddy Weave, Children 18:3, Deluge, MxPx and Mercy Me. This week we crank things up just a bit.

We begin, somewhat ironically, on the Holiday celebrating the End of Summer, with The Rocket Summer. From their new release Life Will Write The Words, this is Revival.

We crank it up with Thousand Foot Krutch. This is a lyric video of Be Somebody off of their independent release The End is Where We Begin.

Continuing with the audio assault. Write This Down sings of their Lost Weekend. This is Crash and Burn.

Toning it down just a notch, here is Willet, a band that was privileged to play during the Olympic Games. This is the lyric video for Love on the Outside.

We conclude by going old school. This is Petra, which just released a Best of the '80's album. This is a video from one of my favorites (I don't have too many non favorites when it comes to Petra). This is Bema Seat.

Next week we begin the 4th Quarter with an all new Music Video Monday. Summer may be officially over, but we are just Heating Up. Until next time, I am Awaiting Your Reply.