Monday, September 10, 2012

Music Video Monday: Cover Me - Eyes Open

Welcome to the 4th Quarter of 2012, at least as far as Platinum Vinyl Award eligibility is considered.

A funny thing happened on the making of the first 4th Quarter post, and that is an abundance of videos from a single artist. Satellites and Sirens to be specific. They have been making a Cover Video every Friday and just recently released an album of those cover songs.

So this is what we're going to do. For the next three days we will be doing a MVM post of these cover videos. We begin with the video that first captured my fancy. The Hunger Games inspired cover of Taylor Swift's Eyes Open.

Next up is an animated video using Pixar's Up. This is a cover of Poison and Wine by The Civil Wars. Get your hankie ready, it's a tearjerker.

We move on to Gavin Degraw's Not Over You.

And next we have a Switchfoot Classic. I Dare You To Move. This song isn't on The Covers, but I wanted to include one more Christian Song, so I put it in. You'll have to wait for covers 2 to get it though.

And we conclude this edition with Shadow Days by John Mayer.
We will be continuing our Music Video Monday posts through Wednesday so we can get through the covers. These are great twists on some songs, and I wanted to share them with you. As an added benefit, since Satellites and Sirens are Christian, not only do they come with a Sythpop Twist, these versions may in some cases be fit for public singing, if you're Karaoke minded. Until tomorrow's edition, I am Awaiting Your Reply.