Wednesday, September 12, 2012

MVM Special Edition: Cover Me - White Flag

Today we conclude out special all Satellites and Sirens Themed Music Video Monday posts. We needed three days to do all of the videos that inspired The Covers. Once again I remind you to click on the link and purchase any of the songs from Amazon. The WENC Night Beat is an amazon associate, and your purchase will help things keep humming smoothly at Night Beat HQ.

Today's edition wraps things up, and it is the longest post of all, with six videos in the mix. We begin with what I believe was the video that started everything off, and that was the cover video of the Goyte song Somebody that I Used to Know.

We continue with the new hot thing (at least for the tween crowd) One Direction. I have been told by one parent that this version is much more tolerable than the original. This is One Thing.

Keeping things light and fun, we move on to Katy Perry. For those not in the know, Katy used to be a CCM artist by the name of Katy Hudson. The label that had her self titled debut album went belly up shortly after its release. She went into hiding and reemerged as dance queen Perry a few years later. This is a cover of Part of Me.

We move on to our only CCM video this time around (as per the originals, of course). This is White Flag by Chris Tomlin.

Only two more to go. The penultimate video is from Jason Mraz. This is I wont give up.

We conclude with Fun (yes, that's the name) and We are Young.

Whew, that's a marathon. If you missed Part One or Part Two of the series, you should click on the respective post link to get all the video cover goodness. Tomorrow we will have the August Edition of Night Beat Rewind. Until then, I am Awaiting Your Reply.