Friday, September 21, 2012

Flashback Friday: Necessary Fear - Deitiphobia

The Industrial Revolution begins today. This is the second of three rotating subjects in my all redesigned Flashback Friday. Last week was The Commonwealth of CCM, where I am tackling bands that originate in the British Commonwealth of Nations. Next week is "A Real Alternative", which will tackle the rise to prominence of the Alternative Music Scene.

This weeks topic is "The Industrial Revolution", where I will tell you about the explosion in the nineties which brought Industrial Music, along with its siblings Techno, Synthpop, Trance, and Ambient, to the Christian Music World.

The 60's and 70's gave CCM the Jesus Music Era. The 80's brought Arena Rock and Heavy Metal as well as the birth of the Alternative Scene. As the 90's began everything old became new again. Suddenly Christian Musicians discovered an instrument long used in the Mainstream Scene. That instrument was Robert Moog's Modular Synthesizer of 1965. The Industrial Revolution began.

Robert Moog may be the Father of Techno, but the fathers of Christian Industrial would be Wally Shaw and Brent Stackhouse. Together they founded Donderfliegen, which supposedly means Darn That Fly. They released their debut demo Digital Priests in 1990. Deciding to bring their Christian Faith to the forefront, they changed their name soon afterward to Deitiphobia, which means Fear of God. They released their Self Titled album in 1991 and Stackhouse left soon afterward. He brought his wife Sheri into the band for Keyboards and Vocals and things really took off afterward. It was a move successfully made by Skillet founder John Cooper when he brought Korey on board (for Keyboards and Vocals as well). Clean (1994) was the first album with the new lineup, which included live set guitarist Kevin Gutierrez (aka Kevin 131 of the band Aleixa). By the time their last album would be put out Lo:Fi vs Sci:Fi (1999), the band consisted of the Shaws and Wil Foster. There aren't any videos, but I pulled up an audio of Clean from Youtube, and here it is.

Considering all you need is a synthesizer, Techno is the easiest genre to create side-projects to indulge your creative side. (Skillet was itself a side project). Deitiphobia created Massivivid, which was more of a traditional synth-rock band, consisting of six members. The Deitiphobia trio was assisted in this case by Bob Carlton on Bass, John Hogan on Drums, and Tom Wilson on Guitar. Another Youtube Audio, this time of Massivivid and Flesh Wound, which came from Brightblur. From time to time the Shaw's were assisted by Mark Nash, former drummer for PFR and husband to Leigh Nash of Sixpence None The Richer. They are also credited with "discovering" Joey Belleville of The Echoing Green. All these bands will be featured in a future Flashback Friday, and when they do, this post will be updated with links.

I gravitated very quickly to Industrial and its siblings, actually about as quick as I embraced Metal. It seems as I get older, I get Harder, at least musically speaking.

We wil slow things down a bit next week, as our subject will be alternative legend PFR. Until next time, I am Awaiting Your Reply.