Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Voice: Overcome by Lara Landon

NBC recently came out with an American Idol like reality show called "The Voice". They need to rename the show before the subject of this review asks for her royalties. At the risk of ticking of the NAACP, she has Overcome.

Overcome is the Second release by one of the greatest voices in the Christian Music Community today, Lara Landon, and probably most of you have never heard of her before today. After Today you will not be able to forget her.

I was one of the fortunate to discover her from the start. Beloved was released in 2009 with little fanfare. Besides the gorgeous green eyed brunette on the cover, the voice was what you will remember. Closer was the radio single, and it included one of those parts which I absolutely love in a female vocalists. You know what I'm talking about, that "Crank up the music all you want boys, this voice will not be drowned out." Plumb has it, Amy Lee has it, and Lara has it in spades.

Brian Hill should be a lock for producer of the year. The album has literally been designed around her vocals. As such the instrumentation is simple. Stings, acoustic guitar, drums. It could be acapella and you would still be entranced. There is nothing to distract from The Voice. It is a work of genius.

The hardest song on the album "I See God In You" was the first music video from the new album. The Photo Collection Project is real Christian Music sites around the web are making the song The River available for free. This is the music video for that song.

This is one of those albums you put on auto repeat. My favorite, or at least my favoritist favorite, is the Middle Eastern Look East, though if Falling doesn't send chills up and down your spine, nothing will. And, even though the implied subject of The Storm is God, it's really not hard to accept an offer of shelter from Lara's lips as she says "Come to my door, you know I'll let you in". It makes the offer very inviting. I know, Get a room already. Thanks to Sound Cloud, I say in reply, listen to the album, then see if you disagree. She has already been compared to Adele. If you agree with me that this is definitely a 5 Emerald release, then I encourage you to click on the highlighted links and purchase Overcome through my site and help support The Night Beat at the same time. If you've ever wondered about what I mean by the "Wow Factor", just listen. I dare you to disagree. I am Awaiting Your Reply.