Monday, May 14, 2012

Music Video Monday: What You Want

Welcome to the Latest Edition of Music Video Monday. Last Monday I mentioned that I had hoped to make a combined post of Hard Rock and Rock. Alas, just when I thought that there weren't enough Videos for a Hard Rock post, I find them. Not to Leave Rock Undone, It got moved back a week, as well as the beginning of the 2nd Quarter Videos.

The Big Names for this weeks videos are Chevelle and Evanescence. We begin with the former. From the album by the same name, this is Hats off to The Bull.

Seventh Day Slumber has always been good for some driving rock with an upbeat and hopeful message. And now they have a Chick bassist too. Talia Haughn. This is Wasted Life.

I think I will create an EvEm Sandwich. An Emery Video between two Amy Lee/Evanescence Gems. I will depart from my pattern of using a Title Teaser to introduce the last video. This is What You Want, the first music video off of Evanescence self titled album.

Now we have Emery looking into The Cheval Glass

And finally we come back to Evanescence and My Heart is Broken. One thing with Amy Lee, she does express sorrow and heartbreak very, very well. You really feel the hurt. It's a good thing Amy only has two videos out from the new album. I could make a post just of her stuff alone. Yes, I'm a big fan.

That concludes this weeks edition of Music Video Monday. Until next week, I am Awaiting Your Reply.