Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Dove Songs in an Open Field

I am going to try to cover both the Recorded Song of the Year and General Field Awards in a single post. It may be long, but I don't think a third post would be worthy.

Let's begin with the General Field. I think the GMA really blew it this year. Jason Crabb ARTIST OF THE YEAR!!?? With Casting Crowns, Laura Story and Lecrae in the mix. Then you let him double dip as Male Vocalist when Tomlin and SCC would have been far better choices. Not sure on Kirk Franklin for MV. Never thought the award should go to someone who can let a choir do the heavy lifting. Or a band frontman either, unless they do ALL the vocals. Female Vocalist went to Natalie Grant. No, wrong. Based on pure power I would have gone Mandisa.

New Artist went to Jamie Grace. It was a good pick though I would have went with The City Harmonic. Group of the year went to Needtobreathe. Again, a goog, but not perfect, pick. Definite would have gone Crowder Band here.

Now, to the Song Awards. Urban Song went to Kim Burrell and Sweeter from The Love Album. Personally, this should have been a no brainer. Window by Canton Jones.

When I originally looked up the nominees Rock Song looked unusually long, and it was called Rock/Contemporary. Considering they pulled two winners out of the list I think it was an error on their part. The Dove Judges went with Switchfoot and Dark Horses from Vice Verses and Slumber by Needtobreathe from The Reckoning. It's hard to argue against Switchfoot here but I will try. Just being contrary I will go with Invisible by Disciple on Power, but it's a weak argument. Excellent Choice here. On needtobreathe and the softer rock. One out of Two ain't bad. The Obvious Choice here would have been Lucy by Skillet.

Now to the rest of the awards:

The General Field Awards

  • Artist of The Year - Jason Crabb (Complete Fail)
  • New Artist - Jamie Grace (B+)
  • Male Vocalist - Jason Crabb (Complete Fail)
  • Female Vocalist - Natalie Grant (C)
  • Group of The Year - Needtobreathe (C-)

Recorded Song of The Year Awards

  • Song of The Year - Blessings, Laura Story (C)
  • Rap/ Hip Hop - Hallelujah, Lecrae (C)
  • Pop/Contemporary - Blessings, Laura Story (C)
  • Urban - Sweeter, The Love Album, Kim Burrell (C)
That concludes the Night Beat Coverage of the Dove Awards. Until the next time, I am Awaiting Your Reply.